Anima Tours uses tourism and events to connect people from different backgrounds and paths with the common purpose of transcending limitations, heal false beliefs and celebrating life.

This is our team!

Meet the Team

Massimo Dal Corso

Co-Founder and Guide

Massimo Dal Corso

Adventurous and free-spirited I love traveling and discover new places. I enjoy the social aspect of a busy city as much as the tranquillity of remote destinations.

My Urban Side draws me towards collecting music, searching for delicious food and connecting to the local urban culture. I get great pleasure in organizing gathering with friends celebrating life and playing some groovy tunes.

My Rural Side is in line with my imaginative mind and the need for exploration. I love driving on gravel roads, learning the ways of remote societies, experience the extreme and raw beauty of Nature.

A positive and joyful soul I love meeting people and seeking the best out of them. Harmed with curiosity and an inquisitive mind I try to overcome prejudice and preconceptions.

Through my work, I hope to stimulate the curiosity of one person to another and enhance the beauty of cultural heritage and diversity.
My wish is to contribute to create a better understanding between people, to heal the bias that afflicts us and to have fun while doing it.

Maroezka Williams

Co-Founder and Client Relations

Maroezka Williams

Maroezka Williams - born in Cape Town has always had a love for working with people, which led her to study hospitality and tourism.

A food fanatic, that lives to eat, she spends copious amounts of the time in the kitchen as well as exploring various restaurants.

She is a wine aficionado who gained her experience working at renowned wine farms and boutique stores while studying at the Cape Wine Academy.

Her passion for food and wine combined with the love for traveling took her on a culinary journey to Italy and Spain.

Still mesmerised by the beauties of her country she studied to become a registered tourist guide and brought her managing and organisational skills to found Anima Tours.

Chippa Mbuyiseli Mngangwa

Expert Township Guide

Chippa Mbuyiseli Mngangwa

Chippa Mbuyiseli Mngangwa, born in Cape Town grew up in the township of Langa, known as the oldest township in Cape Town established in 1927.

After attending a Business Management course at the College of Cape Town he became involved in various projects for the upliftment of the community focusing on children’s education.

He became a registered tourist guide in 2007 creating tour experiences that are used to support local families and to fund the projects that he runs.

Chippa is fun, energetic and indeed a true force of nature!