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  • Inkfamous and Conform
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Can street art be the medium between creating beautiful things, beautiful spaces as well as bridging the visible divides within the City?

Cape Town has fast become well known for this resilient art form that has evolved over the years with significant pieces spread throughout the urban area.

Some of the best displays from renowned local and international artists are found in the vibrant restored suburbs of Salt River and Woodstock.

For many, the recent revamp of these suburbs has been anxiously welcomed, however, the rapidly rising cost of living has largely impacted the tightly knit residence of the area.

The Street Art & Graffiti Walking Tour teaches us how graffiti art does not merely act, as embellishment for the area's buildings but is also a way to bring positive socio-economical changes within the community

[Click here to watch our Street Art Walking Tour Video in partnership with Cape talk 567]

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