• Mars street artist at IPAF 2017
    Mars street artist from Johannesburg, South Africa painting at the IPAF 2017
  • Senzo from Senzart performing at the IPAF
    Senzo painting at the IPAF 2017


Posted on Wed February 22, 2017.

At Anima Tours we loves to get involved with the community and to play around with ideas.

Over the past years the team participated in a few events and projects such as the Live Design Tours aim to showcase how the people of the most southern tip of Africa use their creativity, innovation and skills to improve life and create change. The project was officially part of the Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 and conceptualized by the beautiful minds behind the Rock City Foundation and Africa Travel Group.

The Open Design Festival was another opportunity for us to showcase our Street Art Tours and sharing it with the Cape Town community.

In February 2017, we had the pleasure to be involved with the making of the first International Public Art Festival in Cape Town in collaboration with the Baz Art Organisation and XO Events in order to run the Street Art Tours and provide education for the future local guides.

Please get in touch with us for a brainstorming session!